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5 Movies You Should Watch this Christmas

Christmas isn’t just a holiday, but a time to spend time with your family and create lasting memories. Although you can engage in outdoor activities, there are many movies you could watch with your loved ones this coming Christmas.

The movies are spectacularly spellbinding, giving people a chance to assess them from theater seats during the most competitive time of the year. They feature some of the biggest stars in intense stories. This Christmas holiday season, consider watching these movies with people who matter in your life.

With a film quiz, according to the Guardian, you can learn more about any particular movie of choice. Here are top 5 movies you should watch this Christmas:

Top 5 Movies to Watch this Christmas

1. Elf

There’s no lovelier Christmas movie than Elf. Will Ferrell plays the Buddy role. He acts as a human who grew up in the North Pole. He believed that he was an Elf. He later on learns the truth, after which, he heads to New York City.

Here, he meets his dad, Walter, who is on Santa’s list. Hijinks ensue, whether its December or April, your heart will be warmed. Watching this movie will make you find out that Ferrell is a hilarious person.

2. It’s a Wonderful Life

It’s a Wonderful Life has been billed as one of the most popular and classic Christmas movies. It is a sobering movie to be watched during the Christmas season. Despite the fact that it touches on things such as depression, it would be best if you have a look at it this season.

It is a beautiful movie worth watching. It will help you restore hope in life if you’ve never watched it before.

3. Home Alone

This is actually the best movie Macaulay Culkin has ever produced, after Party Monster, Saved! and the Pizza-themed Velvet Underground Tribute Band. The 1990’s icon star plays the role of Kevin McCallister, a lucky boy his family leaves home alone.

His family is headed for a Christmas vacation to Paris and therefore, he has to protect himself from burglars on his own. The location is so wacky you might forget that it’s a holiday movie.

4. Love Actually

You might love or hate this movie but there’s no denying that it has the capability to manage a pack lot of Christmas in 2 hours. As you watch the movie, expect an office party, snow, a Christmas hit single and a kid’s Christmas pageant. It is a movie for the season.

Grinches might hate the movie, but if you’re to watch it around Christmas period, it’ll most probably be your jam.

5. The Santa Clause

The guy accidentally kills Santa and therefore, he must take his place. It might sound like a horror movie, but it’s actually not. Watching it is fun and light despite its plot making it more appropriate for an October movie. Tim Allen’s nature is seen to be luminous.


There’s nothing more to look forward to this Christmas than the best movies listed out here for you. While you’re wearing that sweater, eating chocolates and hanging tinsels, don’t forget to load up Christmas movies you can watch all year round.

Let this Christmas holiday be one of the best. Invite your friends over and spend time with your family as you enjoy the movies together.

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