3 Effective and User-Friendly Preparation Resources for Microsoft MB-210 Certification Exam

Do you aspire to become a certified sales functional consultant who is also proficient in managing Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions? Then taking the Microsoft MS-700 certification exam is a smart step that you can take to achieve this goal. This test is associated with the Microsoft Certified: Dynamics 365 Sales Functional Consultant Associate accreditation. It validates your expertise in expanding and configuring the leads, accounts, contacts, and opportunities functionality. Does it sound interesting and have you already started thinking about how you can prepare to pass this assessment? Then this article is exactly what you need.

3 User-Friendly and Efficient Training Materials for Microsoft MB-210 Accreditation Test

  • Microsoft online free materials

The online free resources provided by Microsoft represent the most common and friendly resource that the majority of candidates use for the MB-210 test. As you register for this ExamSnap, you will have access to the vendor’s training collection. Therefore, you can start with the learning path dedicated to working with Dynamics 365 Sales environment. It includes 8 modules that focus on preparing you for setting up and configuring the Dynamics 365 Sales solutions. The second learning path that you can use to prepare for the AZ-303 assessment focuses on implementing the goal management principles while working with Customer Service and Dynamics 365 Sales solutions. Both materials are highly effective in providing you with the information you need to pass this test successfully from the first try. Also, as they incur no costs, they have become one of the favorite materials for exam-takers.

  • Paid instructor-led training

The course MS-100 lasts for 1 day and helps you to know the details of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales app. Even though this is a paid resource, it is worth the investment as you will have the opportunity to learn from the vendor’s top trainers how to manage the Microsoft Dynamics 365 app and use it for improving your organization’s processes, because Microsoft is a reputable vendor that works with some of the best-skilled trainers in the world. Therefore, as you pay for the instructor led-training dedicated to this exam, you will benefit from their expertise and discover various test insights. The target audience for this training is formed of functional consultants who are interested in implementing effective solutions to their organization to achieve codeless extensibility and service integrations.

  • Practice tests will become your best friend

You can easily check your preparedness level with practice tests. They include similar questions to the ones that you will find in the real exam. A smart strategy would be to use them as you finalize each topic and check whether you are ready to move to the next one. On top of that, they are user-friendly and help you create an environment similar to the one you will have when taking the test. In addition, you can train using the exam order and/or random order. This will help you hone your knowledge and skills before taking the real MS-500 exam. The most updated and effective practice tests you can find on CertBolt, ExamSnap, or Exam-Labs.


Passing the Microsoft AZ-204 certification exam can become an important achievement for shaping your career future. You will become a certified functional consultant who can proficiently use the Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions. Thanks to the preparation resources provided by the vendor, you can improve your knowledge on the tested topics. Besides, with practice tests, you will be able to check your readiness level and become 100% ready to pass this assessment on the first attempt.

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